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Hit the Road with Saftey

Hit the road with safety and reliability (NC) Whether you embrace winter with weekend trips to the slopes, driving the little ones to hockey practice or visiting relatives over the holidays, there’s one thing to prioritize this season – and that’s commuting safely and securely. Driving smoothly, staying alert and looking ahead are a few […]

Winter Road Safety

Winter road safety starts with the right equipment (NC) Winter can be one of the most unpredictable seasons. Some regions receive the blast of cold and snow as early as October, while others may not receive any snow at all. Despite this, there are a few things all drivers should be looking out for each […]

Use your Senses


What do you see? One of the easiest ways for a driver to identify a car problem is if they see it for themselves. A puddle beneath the car or smoke rising from the hood are classic signs that vehicle maintenance is required. • White smoke from the car’s exhaust can indicate water or antifreeze […]