Level Up your Summer Tires

Level Up on Your Summer Tires

Hercules RoadTour 455

The Roadtour 455 is a sound choice for all-season peace-of-mind, delivering efficiency and security that makes it the perfect option for more drivers across a wider array of lifestyles and vehicles. Non-directional tread pattern promotes even wear and longer life. Strategically placed full depth siping creates a biting grip and greater stability. Optimized four-pitch sequence reduces road noise for a quieter ride. Solid center rib delivers crisp handling and driver comfort.

Hercules RoadTour 655 MRE

For a quieter, more comfortable ride, the Roadtour 655 MRE is the go-to tire. Four-pitch sequence allows more lateral grooves, improving traction without increasing noise levels. 33% narrower-than-conventional siping enhances traction and stability without sacrificing flexibility. Zig-zag siping design creates more biting edges and reduces lateral movement for less sway and improved handling. Advanced profile design optimizes surface contact with the road for maximum traction and tread life.

Firestone All Season

The All Season is Firestone's Passenger All-Season tire developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans, family minivans and crossover vehicles looking for a tire that combines year-round capability and ride comfort with long tread life. The All Season molds a silica-enhanced tread compound into a symmetric design for easy rotation in order to promote even wear. Four circumferential grooves help guide water through the tire's footprint for improved wet grip, while deep sipes provide the biting edges needed for traction in light snow.

Firestone LE3

The Firestone Destination LE3 tire is engineered with the most advanced all-season tire technology. Full-depth 3D tire sipes create multiple biting edges that maximize traction, and wide circumferential grooves push water out of the way to allow for optimal control in the wettest of seasons. The LE3 tire offers a quiet and comfortable ride for your CUV, light truck, or SUV, no matter the highway conditions. With time-tested reliability and renowned longevity, the Firestone Destination LE3 all-season tire is backed by a 110,000 kilometre limited warranty*

Laufenn G Fit AS

The G FIT AS is Laufenn's Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans, family minivans and small crossover vehicles looking for year-round capability and comfort. G FIT AS tires are designed to blend impressive treadwear, a quiet and comfortable ride and all-season traction on dry and wet roads, as well as in light snow.

Laufenn X Fit HT

The tread compound of the X FIT HT is specifically optimized for highway all-season use and is designed to provide long life and resist damage from coarse or abrasive surfaces. The symmetric pattern features a rigid center rib and a 2-in-1 shoulder block design to enhance steering response and traction, while the block and groove layout is engineered to reduce airborne noise for improved driver comfort. The all-season compound works with sipes and independent block edges to provide wet traction, and the four main, circumferential grooves and wide lateral notches evacuate standing water from the contact patch to resist hydroplaning. Zigzag elements in the bottom of the outboard grooves help enhance grip in deep snow, and the winter-focused zigzag sipes increase the total number of biting edges to deliver traction in snow or on ice.

Hercules Raptis R-T5

With top-tier technologies, innovative design and advanced materials, the bold Hercules Raptis R-T5 all-season UHP tire is changing the very landscape of performance tires. Marrying the year-round versatility of premium touring tires with the confident control of ultra-high performance tires, the Raptis R-T5 delivers the traction, control and longer wear today’s performance cars and high-end sport sedans demand CoolCourse™ temperature control system to optimize performance and enhance tire life. 3D UltraWave™ siping and an asymmetric tread design for greater control and tighter handling. High-grade silica tread compound and Hercules EvacuTrack™ grooves for better wet traction.

Hercules Terra Trac Cross V

With premium construction and serious all-road capability, the Hercules Terra Trac Cross-V delivers “do-it-all” versatility and performance—wherever the road may lead. The Terra Trac Cross-V was engineered for highly responsive handling on any surface, in any season, citywide to countryside. Truly revolutionary in its class, the Cross-V offers a unique mix of wear resistance, all-weather traction and low rolling resistance rarely found in a tire of its kind. Open shoulder design and a unique water guard help maintain contact with the road surface for all-weather, all-road traction. Reinforced shoulder blocks and tie bars promote stability and create secure handling. Sophisticated tread pattern creates exceptional stability and excellent feedback. Advanced silica compound ensures superior handling in wet conditions.

Hercules Terra Trac HPT

The Terra Trac HPT is a highway all-season SUV/CUV tire, designed for drivers who want excellent on-road comfort, improved wet surface traction and winter performance. The Terra Trac HPT is perfect for the daily commute with all-season drivability through an optimized tread design and durable construction. An optimized tread design reduces noise level and rolling resistance for a more enjoyable ride. Semi-open shoulder design improves overall traction performance for a greater grip. Heavy density siping and groove combination gains more traction in wet and winter conditions, while reduced stone retention extends treadlife. Maximized footprint reduces uneven wear for a smooth and steady ride.

Who are the companies behind our line up

Hercules Tire


For over 60 years Hercules has been redefining value in the replacement tire industry. We do so by continually giving our customers the performance they demand, the choices they desire and the affordability they deserve. And we deliver it all with a unique combination of cutting-edge expertise and old-fashion integrity. The result is a better, smarter, more convenient tire buying experience for today’s car,light truck and SUV drivers.


Firestone has been around since 1900 with a rich history. In 1988, the Bridgestone Corporation purchased Firestone. Bridgestone is involved in tire manufacturing on an international scale, making the corporation one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Laufenn Tire

As a sub-brand, Laufenn brand was launched by Hankook 2015 in order to provide entry-level products to drivers. It has been positioned to compete through price discrimination. However, its tires perform extremely well in comparison to their asking price.

The brand manufactures tires for a range of vehicles that include sedans, SUV’s, and crossovers. Unlike other brands Laufenn categorizes its tires in 4 distinct ranges:

  1. S FIT, ultra-high performance tires
  2. G FIT, standard performance tires
  3. X FIT, truck tires
  4. I FIT, winter tires