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Good All-Season Tires to fit your Budget

Rivera Pro 2

Riviera Pro 2 is a high-performance summer tire from Radar, made for compact, mid-size, and SUV vehicles. Straight center rib feature provides good steering response, offering a combination of great handling, long tread life, modern looks, and even wear. Circumferential grooves of the tire assist in whipping water away from the tire’s footprint and maintain excellent traction in the rainy weather. This Radar tire also features asymmetric touring tread pattern with a combination of specially formulated tread compound, offering high mileage, decreased road noise, and exceptional ride comfort.

Ironman iMove Gen2 AS

Built using a next generation wear-resistant compound and featuring an advanced pressure distribution concept, the M+S rated iMove Gen2 AS provides even wear, longer tread life and all-season reliability. With circumferential and longitudinal grooves, this tire allows for excellent responsiveness in wet conditions by maximizing water evacuation to minimize the risk of hydroplaning. In a market that demands economically priced tires, the iMove Gen2 AS delivers with exceptional quality and appealing aesthetics with an impressive line-up covering a wide range of wheel diameters.

Ironman GR 906

Every condition can be considered clear if a car is riding on a set of GR 906 tires. The GR 906 offers superior handling in harsh weather thanks to an advanced tread design that enables greater traction and responsiveness in wet conditions. Built using an all-season touring compound, this tire thrives when the going gets tough, delivering lower rolling resistance, substantial stability, and a comfortable ride. It may be an entry-level offering, but the GR 906 has corporate-level benefits with tread elements that minimize noise and increase stability, along with high-density siping that enhances wet and snow traction.

Westlake RP18

Premium all-season touring tires with M+S rated offering consistent highway performance. Improved tire structure guarantees a comfort and smooth ride. CAD (computer aided design) designed tire tread helps to reduce road noise significantly. Remarkable handling on dry and wet road surfaces.

Hercules Roadtour 455

Part of the Roadtour Series of touring tires, the Roadtour 455 builds on the family tradition of driving excellence with a modern design that maximizes traction and handling. The Roadtour 455 is a sound choice for all-season peace-of-mind, delivering efficiency and security that makes it the perfect option for Non-directional tread pattern promotes even wear and longer life.

Radar Dimax R8

The Dimax R8 is a Sport tire range in the Radar Tires Dimax family. This range has been specifically designed for high performance passenger cars and offers the ideal blend of excellent wet and dry grip, precise handling and comfort. .

Solarus A/S

Solarus AS offers an enhanced tread compound and tread profile for all-season traction. The tire is designed to provide a smooth ride with controlled handling, and features deep, lateral shoulder grooves to ensure excellent traction throughout the life of the tire. Carefully placed sipes provide biting edges in wet, dry and winter conditions.

Who are the companies behind our line up


The beginnings of Cooper® date back to 1914 in Akron, Ohio, when two brothers-in-law John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart formed a company to produce tire patches, tire cement and tire repair kits.  Schaefer and Hart purchased The Giant Tire & Rubber Company of Akron, a tire rebuilding business, and shortly thereafter moved the business to Findlay, Ohio.

FINDLAY, Ohio, July 12, 2018 – Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has added to its Starfire® line of tires with the all new Starfire Solarus AS™. The Starfire Solarus AS provides all-season performance for passenger cars and crossover vehicles at a value price point.


Radar Tire 

is the flagship brand of Omni United and offers a unique value proposition in its segment. In the passenger and light truck segment the brand offers a vast and varied range of tires that are made for all seasons, applications and different types of vehicles that cater to different requirements and interests of drivers.

Radar Tyres are designed in Singapore by our in-house design team and utilise the latest equipment, materials and manufacturing processes. This makes our fitments universal, so drivers can choose the right set of tyres for their unique driving styles and requirements, knowing that these choices are backed by world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities. 

In addition to this, the brand has always been committed to being socially responsible and has been carbon neutral since 2013. Radar Tyres has also supported the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) since 2011 and to date has donated over $1.15 million, funding over 23,000 hours of critical lifesaving research.

Westlake Tires

  • A Company Established in Year 1958
  • No. 1 Tire Manufacturer in China
  • No. 10 of Top 75 Global Tire Manufacturers in Year 2020
  • Sales Revenue Reached USD3.585 Billion in Year 2019

 Westlake Tires (Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (ZC Rubber) takes its responsibility to protect the environment very seriously and spends millions on the environmental protection during the production to protect the health of workers and achieve more environmentally friendly products.

Hercules Tire


For over 60 years Hercules has been redefining value in the replacement tire industry. We do so by continually giving our customers the performance they demand, the choices they desire and the affordability they deserve. And we deliver it all with a unique combination of cutting-edge expertise and old-fashion integrity. The result is a better, smarter, more convenient tire buying experience for today’s car,light truck and SUV drivers.

Ironman Tires

When it comes to tires, we believe you should never have to compromise quality for price. Our expanding lineup of Ironman brand tires includes today’s most popular styles and sizes, giving you greater choice, no matter what your budget. And as part of the Hercules family of tires, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the quality assurance and superior support that are the very hallmarks of the Hercules name.