Maintenance Package Available

Maintenance Pkg

Vehicle Maintenance Packages available
Top 10 Reasons to LOVE Maintaining Your Car
  • 1.Protects your investment (the average person plans to keep their vehicle at least 10 years).
  • 2.Saves you money on possible expensive repairs.
  • 3.Provides you better fuel economy.
  • 4.Provides a safer vehicle for you and your family.
  • 5.Maintains your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 6.Results in a more dependable vehicle.
  • 7.Helps eliminate costly and inconvenient breakdowns.
  • 8.Holds more value for your vehicle for resale.
  • 9.Helps protect the environment by reducing emissions.
  • 10. Last, but not least, helps you feel more secure.
Enroll in our Vehicle Maintenance Program
Members receive savings with special discounts and bonuses!

1st appointment includes:

  • Filter
  • 5 Litres of Oil
  • 30 pt inspection
  • Rotate tires
  • AVR check
  • Alignment check

Book Now!

Call and ask to be put on our Vehicle Maintenance Program, and if you have a company with vehicles, ask about our Fleet Maintenance Program.

Please call 250-860-3155 or email us for more information.

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