In 2014 Manitoba Announced a Winter Tire Financing Program:

Manitoba Announces Winter Tire Financing Program:

Manitoba residents will soon be able to take advantage of a program that helps with the financing of a new set of winter tires.

A new winter tire financing program will be launched in Manitoba late 2014 . This will be a pilot program initiated by Manitoba Public Insurance, making winter tires more accessible to Manitoba motorists.

Tire dealers in the province will want to make sure they have enough product on hand to meet the likely increased demand this year. According to AIA Canada, currently about only 18 per cent of Manitoba motorists use winter tires.

The Winter Tire Financing Program will help Manitoba Public Insurance customers finance the purchase of winter tires. Starting Sept. 29, 2014, the program will provide low-interest financing for up to $2,000 towards the purchase of winter tires and associated costs, including rims, mounting, balancing, taxes and fees.

Only tires displaying the peaked mountain and snowflake symbol will be eligible for the program.

“This is an opportunity for our customers to access winter tires, which can help them to stop more quickly and avoid sliding on icy roads. In a cold weather climate, that’s important,” said MaryAnn Kempe, Manitoba Public Insurance’s Vice-President, Business Development, Communications and Chief Product Officer. “This program also provides retailers with the option of offering their customers an additional way to pay for a product to help keep our roads safer.”

Retailers will be able to quickly and easily initiate financing authorization through the Manitoba Public Insurance website after signing up as a participating vendor. Retailers will then fax the customer’s application form directly to an Autopac agent, and will be paid directly by Manitoba Public Insurance for the applicable amount of the transaction within 30 days.

Display materials will be provided to participating vendors to promote the program to customers. In order to participate, retailers must register with Manitoba Public Insurance. Move information will be available in the coming months.

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